The EU General Data Protection Regulation, effective May 2018, has extended the data protection requirements for many organisations that deal with personal data. DPSM can quickly assess your compliance gaps and devise cost-efficient measures to bring your operation up-to-speed. This includes:

  • Developing or revising privacy policies to meet new notification and transparency standards,
  • Implementing mandatory accountability mechanisms such as processing inventories, legal basis reviews and data protection impact assessments,
  • Introducing requisite safeguards for processing the data of children (age verification and /or parental consent),
  • Providing for new data subject rights (data portability, right to be forgotten etc.) and responding to subject access requests,
  • Reaching necessary technical and organisational data security standards,
  • Complying with legal requirements for cross-border / extra-EU data flows,
  • Developing data protection management capacity and appointing a data protection officer, if required.

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